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Our Story

Happy Bellys is not just about us, 

It’s about all of us.

We are bringing you and your family, back the snacks you used to eat, the ones we all love to eat… without the stuff which is bad for your belly.

You still want to hear our story?

I used to love snack foods. The sweet pleasure of enjoying that special love you share with a biscuit, your favorite chips or chocolate. My favorite is jellies; I just love them, the burst of flavorful chewy goodness… yum!

2 years ago, those little pleasures were taken away as I adapted to a gluten and dairy free diet. I had a lot of help and support as one of my daughters has Coeliac Disease and 2 of my grandchildren are gluten free. It helped but it didn’t make it any easier.

I am always on the go, and as anyone on a modified diet will tell you; you need to take food everywhere you go, it takes planning and packing time to carry around all those nuts and varying forms of fruit…. Oh and the variety of muesli/paleo bars! How could I forget the most exciting thing we can get our hands on! …(Well, not anymore!)

I would often sit eating my birdseed and ponder the thought of being about to eat some gummy bears, a velvety cream biscuit or some cheese and onion chips. I would watch people eating them imagining it was me.

Then one day I had had enough, if I felt like this how would my gorgeous grandchildren be feeling at school, with their friends, at their own birthday parties they could even have all the fun stuff. The sadness over whelmed me.

…and so... happy bellys was born.

Our Mission

Happy bellys is a destination for ‘free from’ delicious snacks, tried and tested by sufferers for sufferers to ensure your bellys happy.

Our Vision

We seek to be the go to store of choice, promoting the largest range of allergy free snacks equivalent to the ‘norm’ while making on the go an easier and more enjoyable part of life.

We Are:

  • A company with high quality, trustworthy brands
  • Passionate about our customers
  • A forward-looking and innovative thinking company
  • An extraordinary place to work
  • Essence of joy and happiness